Are you looking to expand your family? Do you have room in your heart and home for an exotic/pocket pet (or a few)? These little guys are ready for a forever home! Pets are fostered near Bonney Lake, WA and Portland, OR. They can be transported along this route with an approved application.

We may not have all the available adoptable animals on this page. Visit our Facebook or email us for more information.


Bahaman Anole, unknown sex, unknown age
Intake date: 6/19/19
Olympia, WA

Paz is FAST! His favorite things are to lounge on his vines and chase crickets. He isn’t thrilled about being held but he is becoming more comfortable staying visible when his foster parent is in the room


Bearded dragon, female, ~ 3 years
Intake date: 9/23/19
Bonney Lake, WA

Twitch has a a bit of a mysterious history. She ended up at a feed store after being cohabbed with another bearded dragon and having her tank cleaned with chemicals while she was in it. A kind person from the store reached out for help because Twitch had some neurological issues and needed more advanced care. She is missing almost all of her fingers on one hand and a few on her others. She has now been cleared by the vet to be adopted out as special needs. She needs help eating and often head bobs or threatens randomly. Twitch is a sweetie who just needs that extra special person to love her for the rest of her life.


Bearded dragon, female, ~ 6 year Intake date: 10/22/19
Bonney Lake, WA

RuffNut is a friendly, petite girl who is very small for her age and will need extra calcium and a home committed to continuing to put weight on her. She can be a little picky about greens and tends to take a couple tastes before grabbing bugs; but once she gets a taste she becomes very enthusiastic. She has the perfect amount of sass and would be a great family lizard.


Bearded dragon, female, ~6 years Intake date: 10/22/19
Bonney Lake, OR

TuffNut is a friendly, petite 6 year old bearded dragon. Due to improper care and being malnourished, she is very small for her age and will need extra calcium and a home committed to continuing to put weight on her. She will eat anything you hand her and is great about munching on greens. She loves to explore and would make a great family lizard.

Ruby and Cinnamon

Rats, female, 4 months and 6 weeks Intake date: 10/27/19
Bonney Lake, WA

Ruby and Cinnamon are a mother-daughter duo. Ruby was saved by a kind woman from being dumped outside with a bunch of other rats. As a result of her unfortunate backstory, Ruby is a bit cage aggressive and will need someone willing to work with her to build trust. She has already improved with her foster mom and is a good girl outside the cage getting pets. Her daughter, Cinnamon, was born Oct 26, 2019. She is shy but curious. These two would love to go to a home together!


Mouse, male, DOB 9/9/19 Intake date: 11/10/19
Portland, OR

I love, love, love running on my wheel and crawling underneath the bedding. I’m not a fan of being picked up but I’m young so I can definitely learn. I have already learned that it is okay to walk on my foster mom’s hand.


Leopard gecko, male, age unknown
Intake date: 11/17/19
Bonney Lake, WA

Goliath’s tail is the size and shape of his head and neck, and he lifts both to exactly equal heights when he’s hunting. He’s a big, big cutie!


Leopard gecko, male, ~ 3 years Intake date: 11/17/19
Bonney Lake, WA

Gambit is a sweetie and nice to handle. He’s a bit shy but is great being held. His interests include mealworms, more mealworms, climbing, and mealworms.


Leopard gecko, female, age unknown Intake date: 11/21/19
Independence, OR

Stormy was left behind when a roommate moved out. She’s extremely curious and will come out of her hide to see what you are up to. She’s a bit skittish with loud noises and isn’t thrilled about being handled but she would love to watch you!

Cinnamon and Vanilla Bean

Rats, female, ~8 months
Intake date: 11/30/19
Portland, OR

These sweet little ladies will give you kisses and love tunneling. Cinnamon likes her chin scratched and grooming Vanilla Bean. Vanilla Bean is comfortable being handled. She does get respiratory flare ups so she needs a home prepared to provide her with continued vet care and medicines as needed.

Vinny and Frankie

Rats, male, 3-4 months
Intake date: 12/1/19
Portland, OR

These boys started out as shy little babies but have both become little loves. Vinny loves to be with his people, snack on meal worms, and hang out in his space pod. Frankie is eating out of his foster mom’s hand now and comes out to say hello.

Carrot Stick

Leopard gecko, female, ~12 years
Intake date: 12/1/19
Bonney Lake, WA

Carrot Stick previously had some eye issues but has recovered wonderfully. She needs a little help seeing where her food is but is otherwise a very attentive and peppy little lady.


Leopard gecko, male, ~12 years
Intake date: 12/1/19
Bonney Lake, WA

Banana is a very curious fella and is an excellent hunter. He is good being handled and would love a caring home to spend his retirement years.

Moon Pie and Sno-ball

Rats, female, ~ 4 months
Intake date: 12/6/19
Olympia, WA

These young girls are quite the opposites. Moon Pie is very timid and spends a lot of her time snuggled underneath blankets. She prefers things to move in slow motion and on occasion will come take a treat when she’s comfortable. Meanwhile, Sno-ball is very social and greets you at the cage door begging for tickles. She is very trainable and is learning her name and to be a rat phone. These girls balance each other out and will need to go to a home together.

Esteban and Moseby

Rats, male, ~6 months
Intake date: 12/8/19
Bonney Lake, WA

These boys love to meet you at the door and take treats but they are still learning their manners. They do not like to be picked up and can be a bit mouthy. Esteban (dumbo) is a bit more reserved with humans than his brother. Once out of the cage they are less defensive and want to explore, explore, explore!

Spongebob, Squidward, Patrick, and Fennel

Rats, male, 3-4 months
Intake date: 12/14/19
Bonney Lake, WA

These young boys are a bit shy but once you earn their trust they LOVE to play tickle. Spongebob is the most outgoing and is good about getting his brothers involved during playtime. Squidward goes back and forth between being social and hiding under the blankets with his brothers. Patrick was one of the shyest as a baby but has become the most enthusiastic about tickle. Fennel is the expert burrower best drawn out of hiding by snacks.

Sandy, Pearl, and Karen

Rats, female, ~4 months
Intake date: 12/14/19
Bonney Lake, WA

These young, active ladies are a bit skittish but making great progress. Sandy is the most outgoing and often begs at the front of the cage. Pearl (white) is the next most outgoing and will peek her head out of the blankets to see what you have to offer her. Karen prefers slow motion moving and would prefer you just adore her beauty from afar. They are all still young enough to become very social rats, they just need a patient home.


Rabbit, female, 1.5 years
Intake date: 12/15/19
Portland, OR

Not yet available, awaiting spay surgery