Are you looking to expand your family? Do you have room in your heart and home for an exotic/pocket pet (or a few)? These little guys are ready for a forever home! Pets are fostered near Bonney Lake, WA (a couple are being fostered in northern Oregon).

We may not have all the available adoptable animals on this page. Visit our Facebook or email us for more information.


Bahaman Anole, male, unknown age
Intake date: 6/19/19
Olympia, WA

Paz is FAST! His favorite things are to lounge on his vines and chase crickets. He isn’t thrilled about being held but he is becoming more comfortable staying visible when his foster parent is in the room


Bearded dragon, female, ~ 6 year Intake date: 10/22/19
Bonney Lake, WA

RuffNut is a friendly, petite girl who is very small for her age and will need extra calcium and a home committed to continuing to put weight on her. She can be a little picky about greens and tends to take a couple tastes before grabbing bugs; but once she gets a taste she becomes very enthusiastic. She has the perfect amount of sass and would be a great family lizard.


Bearded dragon, female, ~6 years Intake date: 10/22/19
Bonney Lake, OR

TuffNut is a friendly, petite 6 year old bearded dragon. Due to improper care and being malnourished, she is very small for her age and will need extra calcium and a home committed to continuing to put weight on her. She will eat anything you hand her and is great about munching on greens. She loves to explore and would make a great family lizard.

Ruby and Cinnamon

Rats, female, 8 and 5 months Intake date: 10/27/19
Bonney Lake, WA

Ruby and Cinnamon are a mother-daughter duo. Ruby was saved by a kind woman from being dumped outside with a bunch of other rats. As a result of her unfortunate backstory, Ruby is a bit cage aggressive and will need someone willing to work with her to build trust. She has already improved with her foster mom and is a good girl outside the cage getting pets. Her daughter, Cinnamon, was born Oct 26, 2019. She is shy but curious. These two would love to go to a home together!


Leopard gecko, male, age unknown
Intake date: 11/17/19
Bonney Lake, WA

Goliath’s tail is the size and shape of his head and neck, and he lifts both to exactly equal heights when he’s hunting. He’s a big, big cutie!


Leopard gecko, male, ~12 years
Intake date: 12/1/19
Bonney Lake, WA

Banana is a very curious fella and is an excellent hunter. He is good being handled and would love a caring home to spend his retirement years.


Rats, male, ~6 months
Intake date: 12/8/19
Bonney Lake, WA

Moseby loves to meet you at the door and take treats but is very jumpy with touch. Once he is out of the cage he is less defensive and wants to explore, explore, explore! He will do best with an experienced rat owner who can take things slow with him and hopefully introduce him to some more social boys who can show him the ropes.


Rats, male, ~6 months
Intake date: 12/8/19
Bonney Lake, WA

Esteban loves hammocks and wadding up his blankets to make a nest. He is very reserved with humans but has learned that treats are safe to accept. He will do best with an experienced rat owner who can take things slow with him and hopefully introduce him to some more social boys who can show him the ropes.

Swan, Dancer, and Prancer

Rats, female, ~6 months/~3 months
Intake date: 12/8/19
Bonney Lake, WA

Dancer and Prancer are Swan’s baby girls who were born 12/24/19. Swan is about 6 months old. The babies are a little shy but they are curious and love to hop around playing tickle. Swan loves to come to the front of the cage for treats, run on the wheel, and monkey around on the bars.


Rabbit, spayed female, ~2 years
Intake date: 12/14/19
Portland, OR

Ellie is a super sweet and adorable dwarf rabbit. She is very easy going and loves being around her people. She doesn’t mind the dogs or children in her foster home. She has done well with the other rabbits she has met and will need to go to a home with a rabbit friend for her. She loves to be groomed and treated like a princess. She’s still learning her litter box skills and she’s picky about her hay (she likes softer varieties like oat). She’s a major digger and would love a dig box. If you give her some little fleece blankets she loves to hide her toys. She loves toys that she can pick up and toss around.


Bearded dragon, male, ~ 2 years
Intake date: 12/15/19
Bonney Lake, WA

Ravioli is a handsome and snuggly bearded dragon looking for a forever home to retire in. According to our reptile veterinarian, his kidneys are larger than normal (a possible sign of kidney failure) among many other issues. He will just need a little extra care and a loving home to live out the remainder of his days.

Due to his medical condition, his adoption will be waived!

Kylie, Kiah, and Niah

Rats, female, ~1.5 year
Intake date: 1/1/2020
Tukwila, WA

This bonded trio of girlies truly love one another! Kylie is sweet and loves to run. Kiah takes some time to trust you but now enjoys the occasional game of tickle. Niah is a bit more reserved and prefers to take treats but not be handled. They would do best with a patient home. They absolutely love to all bundle into one hammock together!

Romeo and Juliet

Rabbits, neutered male and spayed female, ~2 years old
Intake date: 1/7/2020
Portland, OR

Romeo and Juliet are a bonded pair of fixed dwarf mixes. This duo is attached at the hip! They enjoy playing in boxes and any hide they can fit into. They love paper cups and anything they can toss around and play tug of war together with. These two are extremely bonded and must be adopted together.


Mouse, male, 3 months
Intake date: 1/26/2020
Tukwila, WA

Pita is proud of his ruby eyes and golden coat. He was born November 17, 2019. Pita needs time to settle and get used to your voice but once he does he is very active and friendly. He spends most of his time sleeping in a hammock or climbing. He will squeak when you first pick him up but does well outside the cage. He enjoys exploring and staying close to humans when he is out and about.