Rehab Center

Many of the animals who come to Kuddles and Scales are in dire need of some TLC before they’re ready to find a new home. Some of them require intensive long-term care that result in becoming permanent residents of Kuddles and Scales.


Leopard gecko, male; 20 years old

Intake: 9/13/19
Dino’s wonderful family had to give him up when they moved across country for medical reasons. Dino is a curious old guy who will live his leisurely senior years as a sanctuary pet. He has some arthritis which is expected at his age but is otherwise healthy. He’s a great example of how long leopard geckos can live with proper care!


Bearded dragon, female; estimated 3 years old

Intake: 9/23/19
Twitch has a a bit of mysterious history. She ended up at a feed store after being cohabbed with another bearded dragon and having her tank cleaned with chemicals while she was in it. A kind person from the store reached out for help because Twitch has some neurological issues and needed more advanced care. She is missing almost all of her fingers on one hand and a few on her others. With her special needs Twitch will likely remain in the rescue’s care for the rest of her life.

The cost of care for the animals that are surrendered to us is far greater than the small adoption fees we collect in securing a safe home for our rescues. All additional costs come out of our own pockets, so we are grateful for every donation we receive in order to provide our patients with necessary surgeries, medications, or special diets.